Jos olisin Helsingissä, menisin kuuntelemaan tätä:

Curator Krist Gruythuysen
Lecture on Thursday 8 June at 6 p.m
HIAP Project Room
Cable Factory, Helsinki
Staircase C, 4th floor

"Archiving Disappearance

When, as an artist, you aren't successful at the beginning of your artistic career, the shift from living and working as a practicing to a non-practicing artist is easily made. So easy, that it takes some time to realize that this step has been taken. But what if your position in the artistic field is accomplished, you're a successful artist and you decide to stop producing work? Is this to be seen as the end of one's career, or as a statement towards the art world? Is it not possible to blur from one profession to another and for others to accept this decision as private rather than as a considered statement? Does the impossibility of 'stepping out' without the art world examining one's reasons, implicate a radical fusion of art and life?

When we talk about successful artists who made the decision to stop producing work, we also refer to them as having 'stepped out' of art. In the project Archiving Disappearance, this phenomenon is investigated."

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